I'm so glad you stopped by!! The goal for Nutmaste is to unite others by highlighting differences within us and celebrating that.  We are all having this human experience and need to know we are relatable and I hope you find that here.  We explore various topics to make life a lot more fun. If you would like a specific topic covered feel free to shoot me an email! My hope is that this is an interactive experience!  Nutmatse~


We are all unique in our own way. We had different upbringing, cultures, traditions and even unfortunate circumstances that have made us who we are today. Each of us are absolutely individual, no two are the same. While we have not walked the same path we are all one in that every one of us has the power of Spirit guiding us along the way. I love knowing this! There is always something we can find to relate to each other on. We are all one.

Power Of Positive Thinking

You will see a common theme along this blog...I want everyone to feel better for having engaged in any material here.  It is my goal to never make you feel like you are less than in any way. It is a proven fact that what you focus your attention on will expand. So I plan on filling your day with nothing but the sweetness of positive thought.

Joy, happiness, law of attraction, living with intention

Life Is For Living

I've gone through most of life with blinders on.  I take it as it comes, get up, get the kids to school, work, pay bills, run errands, make dinner go to bed and start over...unless there's a crisis thrown in there somewhere then just hang on and do the best I can. But I realized recently I've become complacent, on cruise control. I haven't really been enjoying my life. I was always waiting for something to happen (getting a house, the right job, kids to start listening, perfect man) that would make me then think I'm really living now.

Something happened that changed my life. Nothing drastic thankfully. I can only describe it as an awakening. I started studying law of attraction, specifically Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Esther Hicks. I have learned that the meaning of life is joy. That's it. Joy. I'm sure you've heard the saying life is what happens when you're busy making plans.  It's so true. I have learned to direct my thoughts to only things that bring me joy. No more negativity. Sounds nutty (see what I did there) doesn't it?

What I have experienced has brought so much color to my life and I am so excited to share it with you and inspire you to find more joy in your life and truly start living on purpose, with intention!

Next Steps...

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