About Me


How I Got Here

All my life people have felt very comfortable coming to me with their problems.  I look back on my school years and read old notes and yearbooks and the majority were very complimentary, saying things like "thank you for always listening" or "you always made me feel important".  That's so significant to me. I genuinely do care about people. I have so much compassion and empathy that I have had to learn to set boundaries so that I don't forget I'm very important as well.

Another love of mine is talking to people that have a real passion in life. Have you ever gone to a concert where you know the artist is really enjoying performing and you leave feeling so high because it just felt like the best concert in the world? I have...at least 15, haha! I love concerts because that's the one place I know I'm most likely to see passion. I want to be around passionate people. It doesn't matter if I'm interested in what they're so passionate about, I love to see their eyes light up talking about whatever it is. You can almost feel their heart beating.  It gives me chills now to think about it because they are really living in that moment...they are alive!

So not long ago as I was explaining this to someone they asked me a question I had never really thought of. I'm not sure why I didn't. I guess it never really mattered.  He said, what are you passionate about. At first I thought "Well seeing other people passionate", but I said "I like to help people find their passion".

Really shocked myself there. I would say I wasn't in control of my mouth when it came out (it's ok if that sounds crazy, the crazy in me honors the crazy in you haha). That's the reason we're spending this time together!

My Mission

Now I'm on a mission. I want to be here for you. I want you to know you're not alone and most importantly, I want to inspire you to find your passion!

We are not meant to pay bills and die. We are here to live and life happens every day. Let's live every day on purpose!

Who the Heck is This Chick

I'm a single mother of three kids. Two boys and one daughter. My daughter recently promoted me to "grandmom", thank you baby girl for that blessing!

I'm the best friend to one absolutely amazing woman and great friends with many other women who are my tribe. They inspire me and if I'm judged alone on the company I keep I'm more than winning for sure in this life.

I'm a business owner. I've owned a transcription company for the last 16 years and am so grateful for it. This business has allowed me to stay home, work as much or as little as I want and has taught me I've got gumption!

I'm a daughter to parents that as of this year have been married for 51 years. I'm so blessed to say they are and always have been my biggest fans.

I'm the sister to a woman that most definitely has the biggest heart in the world. She loves unconditionally and so effortlessly. It doesn't matter how rough her day was she lights up when she sees everyone she meets.

Next Steps...

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